Three Gorges Dam

Architecture in Yichang

The huge, hulking Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest dam due to its length (2.3km) rather than its height (101m), and while it isn’t the most spectacular dam, it is worth a peek. You can’t walk on it, but there’s a tourist viewing area to the north. The view from the south is much the same, and free.

Take a bus from the long-distance station to Máopíng (茅坪; ¥15, 8.30am to 3pm), but get off at Bālù Chēzhàn (八路车战). Alternatively, bus 8 (¥20, one hour, 8am to 4pm) leaves from Yíchāng’s east train station.

Day trips can also be taken by boat (¥280 including entrance fee and lunch) from the old ferry port (老码头; lǎo mǎtóu). Boats leave at 7.30am and return around 5pm. Buy tickets from Yangtze River International Travel at the port.