Khyunglung Monastery


This new monastery above the village of Khyunglung boasts a fine location.

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1. Shangshung


Down the Sutlej Valley, 3km past Khyunglung (曲龙, Qūlóng) village, is the extensive ruined cave city that is thought to have been Shangshung, western Tibet…

2. Gurugyam Monastery

6.11 MILES

This newly renovated Bönpo monastery has some interesting murals, though the caretaker will likely call the PSB upon your arrival. The dramatic cliff-side…

3. Tirthapuri Hot Springs

12.09 MILES

On the banks of the Sutlej, only a few hours’ drive northwest of Darchen, the hot springs at Tirthapuri are where pilgrims traditionally bathe after…

4. Guru Rinpoche Monastery

12.35 MILES

The monastery dukhang (assembly hall) here has the stone footprints of Guru Rinpoche and his consort Yeshe Tsogyel to the right of the altar. Outside the…