Bianjing Drum Tower


Smack in the centre of Daixian old town, this 14th-century drum tower will make up for all the times you felt let down by faux ancient towers or authentic ones you could only admire from afar. The majestic wooden structure, preluded by a dramatic stone staircase, has retained many of its Ming dynasty features. Ascend to the upper floors for a closer look at the simple but beautiful beams and brackets, and a bird's eye view of the town.

Daixian (or Dai County) is located between Taiyuan and Datong. Tourism has not yet reached its old town, which is quite lively with relics still very much a part of inhabitants' everyday life. The town is small and you can walk from sight to sight.

Buses (two to three hours; ¥38) depart daily for Daixian from Datong Bus Station and Datong South Bus Station. The Drum Tower is 610m from Daixian Bus Station.

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