This bell tower at the bend of Duolun Rd is a main feature of the street, right next to the Old Film Café.

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1. Duolun Road Cultural Street

0.07 MILES

This pleasantly restored but sleepy street of fine old houses, just off North Sichuan Rd, was once home to several of China’s most famous writers (as well…

3. Hongde Temple

0.09 MILES

Also known as Fitch Memorial Church, this 1928 brick temple is an interesting structure for architecture fans. It was built in a Chinese style with…

4. Kong Residence

0.16 MILES

The Moorish-looking Kong Residence, built in 1924, is a former Kuomintang (the Nationalist political party) house on Duolun Road Cultural Street.

5. Lu Xun Former Residence

0.33 MILES

Writer Lu Xun's final residence was this three-floor domicile on lovely Shanyin Rd, where an excellent English-speaking guide can fill you in on his life…

6. Lu Xun Park

0.42 MILES

Particularly photogenic in spring and summer when the trees are in blossom, Lu Xun Park is one of the city’s most pleasant green spaces. It was originally…

7. Lu Xun Museum

0.53 MILES

An excellent museum, this modern hall charts the life and creative output of author Lu Xun with photographs, first editions, videos and waxworks. Detailed…

8. 1933

0.82 MILES

This vast concrete former abattoir is one of Shanghai's unique buildings, today converted to house a number of boutiques, galleries and restaurants …