Xiaqi Pavilion


The name of this pavilion on the flank of East Peak translates to 'Chess Playing Pavilion' and enjoys glorious views.

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Nearby Shaanxi attractions

1. Yangtian Pool

0.87 MILES

Small (3-sq-metre) natural pool of water at one of the highest points of the mountain, near the South Peak.

2. Yinfeng Pavilion

1.67 MILES

Located on a trail north of East Peak, this is one of several pavilions on the mountain; the name literally means 'Attracting Phoenix Pavilion'.

3. Blue Dragon Ridge

2.45 MILES

This knife-edged ridge connects the North Peak and the other peaks, a punishing step-master of 530 stone steps. Each step is harder than the last, and the…

4. Juxian Terrace

2.89 MILES

Literally meaning 'Assembled Immortals Terrace', this viewpoint looks out onto incredible views not far from North Peak.

5. Qunxian Temple

3.09 MILES

With a name meaning 'Group of Immortals Temple', this is one of the many Taoist shrines dotting the mountain. You can find it along the trail southwest of…

6. Jade Spring Temple

4.67 MILES

This large Taoist temple awaits climbers taking the 6km walk from Hua Shan village to the North Peak and lies just before the ticket office.