Huashan Cliff Murals


Close to the Vietnam border, the enigmatic Hua Mountain Cliff Murals, 2000-year-old rock paintings of people and animals on sheer cliff faces, are one of the undisputed highlights of Guangxi. The red-painted murals are believed to be the work of ancestors of the Zhuang, but remain shrouded in mystery.

The primitive ochre-coloured figures are depicted hands raised and knees bent, accompanied by pictures of drums and animals – features that suggest celebration of harvest or victory.

As the cliff paintings are in the process of being restored, some sections will likely to be covered in scaffolding; however, you'll still be able to get a full appreciation of the murals.

The admission fee includes a 2½-hour boat ride on a spectacular section of the Zuo River (左江, Zuǒ Jiāng). The boat generally leaves at 10.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm and 2.30pm; outside these times, you can hire a private boat for ¥400.

The only way to see this ancient wonder is by boat from the village of Panlong (攀龙), commonly known as Huashan Shanzhai (花山山寨).

Trains and buses that run between Nanning and Pingxiang stop at Ningming, from where it's a 40-minute taxi ride (¥50) to the boat dock; grab the driver's mobile number to arrange a pickup.

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