Liùpán Shān Guójiā Sēnlín Gōngyuán


Those on the trail of Genghis Khan will want to visit southern Ningxia’s Liùpán Shān, where some maintain the great man died in 1227. Legend attests that the Mongol emperor fell ill and came here to ingest medicinal plants native to the area, but perished on its slopes (though it’s much more likely he died elsewhere). The mountain is now a protected area.

A walking trail leads 3km up a side valley to a waterfall. About 5km further up the main valley is a clearing with some stone troughs and tables that locals say were used by the Mongols when they came 800 years ago in search of respite from the heat.

To get here, take a bus from Guyuan’s main bus station to Jingyuan (泾源; ¥20, 90 minutes) and then hire a taxi for the final 18km to the reserve (¥100 return). A return taxi from Guyuan will cost around ¥230.

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