Village in Mohe

Further north from Mòhé is Běijícūn, a sprawling village and recreation area on the banks of the Hēilóng Jiāng, separating China and Russia. The area is fast expanding with new hotels and resorts under construction.

Běijícūn covers an area of forest, meadows and bog, with the occasional hamlet, log cabin and Russian-style structure dotting the pretty surroundings. If the mood strikes, you can stand at the top of a map of China that has been etched into a square. Step up on the podium and you are at the official 'most northerly point' (though Běihóngcūn village is actually further north) one can be within China's 9,671,018 sq km of land. One house has even been labelled China No 1 (中国最北一家), ie China’s northernmost house. You can walk east along the river to a point where you can see a Russian village across the water.