Longhu Shan Geopark Museum


Has detailed explanations, in English as well as Chinese, of Longhu Shan’s formation. Beside the park's ticket office.

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1. Longhu Shan Taoist Museum

0.05 MILES

This small museum by the park ticket office is dedicated to Taoism but has information in Chinese only.

2. Longhu Shan

0.28 MILES

Billed as a natural Taoist wonderland, this beautiful national park is packed with family-centred entertainment – gentle raft rides, climbing shows,…

3. Elephant’s Trunk Hill

0.89 MILES

Close to Longhu Shan’s main entrance, this is the first stop you’ll reach if you catch the miniature train. Here you can hike a loop past rock formations…

4. Residence of the Celestial Masters

1.82 MILES

This is the largest and best-preserved temple in the area. It was originally built in the Song dynasty, thoroughly renovated in the Qing dynasty and then…

5. Shangqing Palace

2.46 MILES

This temple complex was almost entirely destroyed by fire; only the entrance gate, first courtyard (with the drum and bell tower) and a few side halls…