Guilin Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area


Tianmen (not to be confused with Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan) is home to proud cliffs, sharp ravines and dramatic waterfalls of Danxia topography, but also lush subtropical foliage, clusters of ash-brown dwellings and crumbling roadside shrines. Tourist development here, however, has taken some of its natural wonder away. There are multiple viewing spots along hiking trails in the park, including a U-shaped deck with a transparent floor – a 1½- hour return walk or you can take the cable car.

The parking lot is 1.5km downhill from the site, so you'll need to take the electric buggy (one way/return ¥15/25), or otherwise it's a 25-minute walk. If you have time, boats are at hand to take you for a ride down the lovely Zi River. To get here from Ziyuan you'll need to take a taxi (¥200 return) for the 30-minute drive.

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