South Hill


This modest site really only has one set of carvings, but makes a nice appetiser before you delve into the main courses at North Hill and Treasured Summit Hill. It’s behind the old bus station and takes around 15 minutes to walk to. It’s ¥10 in a taxi.

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1. North Hill

2.03 MILES

This site, originally a military camp, contains some of the region’s earliest carvings. The dark niches hold several hundred statues. Some are in poor…

2. Treasured Summit Hill

5.86 MILES

If you only have time for one Dazu stop, make it this, the largest and most impressive of the sites. Of all the stunning sculptures here, which are…

3. Buddha Vairocana Cave

17.48 MILES

The truly adventurous might like to catch a bus to the tiny town of Shiyang (石羊, Shíyáng), which has a little-seen collection of Song dynasty Buddhist…

4. Whampoa Military Academy

28.12 MILES

Part of the Republic of China's army academy was relocated to Anju in 1938. Many of the commanders who fought the Japanese in WWII were trained here…

5. Anju City Temple

28.39 MILES

This pagoda-style temple overlooking the river is Anju's main worship site. A recently renovated building, it's still worth a visit for a gander at its…

6. Anju City Gates

28.39 MILES

Anju has nine city gates dating back to the Ming dynasty. One of the most spectacular and easily located is the South Gate, directly uphill behind the…

7. Huguang Guild Hall

28.41 MILES

This sprawling guild hall features regular weekend and holiday dance performances on its stage. Further towards the back are a number of rooms furnished…