Seven Fairy Mountain


Seven Fairy Mountain, named for its dramatic seven pinnacles, is found inside Mt Qixian Hot Springs National Forest Park. It’s a three-hour return trip to the top of the first pinnacle along a stepped path through a dense, healthy rainforest buzzing with bird and insect life. The final 100m climb to the peaks runs up a pitted slope with chains and railings in place to aid your near-vertical climb.

Purchase tickets at the excessively large park administration building at the entrance.

The views from the top are worth the effort. With no shuttle bus and no gimmicks (such as glass bridges), this is a much more authentic way to experience Hainan's rainforest than visiting the forest parks closer to Sanya.

From Baoting’s bus station, you can take bus 1 (¥1, 10 minutes) to Xiàn Zhèng Fǔ (县政府) and then transfer to bus 2 (¥3, 15 minutes) to the entrance of the park, though it’s easier to catch one of the motorcycle taxis that will be waiting outside the station (¥30). Make sure not to catch a motorcycle with a sidecar as they lack the power to make it the last 4km from the hot springs area up to the park entrance.

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