Wǔlóng County National Geology Park

Park in Wǔlóng

About 20km from the town of Wǔlóng, this fairy-tale landscape of river-run gorges, karst peaks, natural bridges and mossy caves lies deep within the mountains about three hours from Chóngqìng. The park has three main areas: Three Natural Bridges, Qingkou Tiankeng Scenic Area and Furong Cave. Most visitors come to Wǔlóng via organised tours from Chóngqìng, which usually stop at the Three Natural Bridges area, home to three magnificent natural bridges you can gaze at from beneath.

Travelling here independently is difficult; the easiest way is to hire a car and driver. If you do, you'll be able to visit some of the more far-flung areas, including the spectacular (and spectacularly neon-lit) Furong Cave.