Lord Bao Park


This pretty park with a central pond is named for native son Lord Bao, aka Bao Zheng, an official in the Northern Song dynasty (960–1279). There are several sights (joint admission ¥50) here relating to Bao, the highlight of which is Lord Bao’s Tomb (包公墓园, Bāogōng Mùyuán). There's also Bao Gong Temple (包公祠, Bāogōng Cí), with a 3m-tall statue of Lord Bao, and Qingfeng Tower, a 42m pavilion built in 1999 to mark the 1000th anniversary of Lord Bao’s birth.

Inclining towards filial piety and adopting a stance against corruption, Lord Bao has been immortalised in classical Chinese literature and continues to be the subject of movies and TV shows.

The joint admission ticket also gives you entry to the floating village, a pleasant cluster of Hui-style buildings, gardens and a teahouse built on an island in the middle of the park’s river.