Edificio Armada de Chile


This palatial blue-colored naval command building dominates Plaza Sotomayor.

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1. Ascensor El Peral

0.04 MILES

The recently revamped Ascensor El Peral starts from near the Tribunales (Law Courts) just off Plaza Sotomayor and continues to Cerro Alegre, home to the…

2. Plaza Sotomayor

0.07 MILES

Plaza Sotomayor is dominated by the palatial blue-colored Edificio Armada de Chile. In the middle of the square lies the Monumento a los Héroes de Iquique…

4. Museo de Bellas Artes

0.12 MILES

The rambling art nouveau building at the western end of Cerro Alegre is called Palacio Baburizza; it houses the Museo de Bellas Artes, which has a decent…

5. Reloj Turri


Where Prat and Cochrane converge to become Esmeralda, the Edificio Turri narrows to the width of its namesake clock tower, the Reloj Turri. This is one of…

6. Barrio El Puerto

0.21 MILES

In the west of El Plan, Barrio El Puerto (the port neighborhood) has the twin honors of being the oldest part of Valparaíso and the most run-down…

7. Mercado Puerto

0.21 MILES

Long defunct (and home to a pack of street cats), El Puerto's beautifully restored food market should be open again by the time you read this.

8. Plaza Matriz

0.22 MILES

The historic heart of the city is Plaza Matriz, which is watched over by Iglesia La Matriz. Begun in 1837, it's the fifth church to occupy this site since…