Ahu Tepeu

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

This large ahu has several fallen moai and a village site with foundations of hare paenga (elliptical houses) and the walls of several round houses, consisting of loosely piled stones.

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Nearby Rapa Nui (Easter Island) attractions

1. Ana Kakenga

0.45 MILES

About 2km north of Tahai is Ana Kakenga. This site comprises two caves opening onto the ocean (bring a torch).

2. Ana Te Pahu

0.87 MILES

Off the dirt road to Akivi, Ana Te Pahu comprises former cave dwellings with an overgrown garden of sweet potatoes, taro and bananas. The caves here are…

3. Ahu Akivi

1.43 MILES

Unusual for its inland location, Ahu Akivi, the first scientific restoration on the island (in 1960), sports seven restored moai. They are the only ones…

4. Maunga Terevaka

2.12 MILES

Maunga Terevaka is the island's highest point (507m) and the youngest of its three volcanoes. This barren hill is only accessible on foot or on horseback…

5. Ahu Akapu

2.38 MILES

You'll find this ahu with a solitary moai along the coastline, north of Hanga Roa.

7. Ahu Tahai


Ahu Tahai is a highly photogenic site that contains three restored ahu (ceremonial platform). Ahu Tahai proper is the ahu in the middle, supporting a…

8. Puna Pau

3.23 MILES

The volcanic Puna Pau quarry was used to make the reddish, cylindrical pukao (topknots) that were placed on many moai. Some 60 of these were transported…