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Puerto de Mogán

A tempting little crescent of sandy beach and, next to it, a busy little yacht harbour and fishing port, Puerto de Mogán may be largely given over to the tourist trade, but the port is in a different world compared to its garish cousins to the east. It may not have the unassailable charm of Mogán up the road, but there's an attractive port atmosphere still unblighted by resort architecture.

Although its nickname ‘Venice of the Canaries’ may be exaggerated, the architecture and bridged waterways are as pretty as a chocolate box, and Puerto de Mogán exudes an air of opulence and charm. In the heart of the port, low-rise apartments have wrought-iron balconies and brightly coloured trim, and are covered in dazzling bougainvillea.

On the downside, the place is busy with tourists from other resorts during the day, particularly on Friday morning when a street market takes over part of the town.

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