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Thousand Islands

The 'Thousand Islands' are a constellation of over 1800 rugged islands dotting the St Lawrence River from Kingston to Brockville. The lush archipelago offers loose tufts of fog, showers of trillium petals, quaking tide pools and opulent 19th-century summer mansions, whose turrets pierce the prevailing mist.

The area has evolved from slow-paced country estates for the rich to the ultimate vacation destination, but one that many tourists still skip over in favour of the bigger cities. The growing number of craft breweries, distilleries and vineyards have followed the gastronomical boom.

Cruises leave from several harbours and visit just a handful of the islands – try renting your own canoe to explore further. If boats are not your thing, the St Lawrence Bikeway, part of the riverside Waterfront Trail between Niagara-on-the-Lake and Cornwall, extends the full length of the parkway and offers an alternative way to explore this under-looked part of Ontario.