Arisaig Provincial Park

Nova Scotia

This small provincial park just off the highway has a fine sandy beach good for swimming and beachcombing.

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Nearby Nova Scotia attractions

1. St Ninian's Cathedral

13.04 MILES

The area's Catholic cathedral, completed in 1874, is a fine example of Canadian Romanesque architecture.

2. St Francis Xavier University

13.15 MILES

The attractive campus of 125-year-old St Francis Xavier University makes for an interesting stroll. The Hall of the Clans is on the 3rd floor of the old…

3. Antigonish Heritage Museum

13.25 MILES

In the town's former railway station, this compact museum features displays devoted to remembering the history of Antigonish and its residents.

5. Cape George Point Lighthouse

15.16 MILES

This handsome, scarlet-topped 110m lighthouse atop Cape George Point overlooks the calm waters of St Georges Bay. The present light (the third) was built…

6. Cape Bear Lighthouse & Marconi Station

22.01 MILES

This three-story lighthouse looks like many others in PEI, but it has its own unique place in history. Built in 1881, it was chosen in 1905 as the site of…

7. Newman Estate Winery

25.08 MILES

Head toward the coast from Murray River along Rte 348 (Gladstone Rd) to find Newman Estate Winery. This lovely place specializes in blueberry wines, but…

8. Rossignol Estate Winery

26.7 MILES

For wine tasting on a grand scale, cruise over to Little Sands, 9km from the Wood Islands Ferry, where Rossignol Estate Winery has free tastings and…