Itsanitaq Museum

Top choice museum in Churchill

Image by Mark Harris Getty Images

This one-room museum showcases an exceptional collection of Inuit carvings made of whalebone, soapstone and caribou antler, as well as millenia-old harpoon heads and bone carvings of shamans and bears left over from the pre-Inuit Thule and Dorset cultures of the Igloolik region. The place really sucks you in and you can spend hours here.

The obvious standouts – stuffed polar bear and musk ox, narwhal horns and original hide-covered kayaks – are immediate attention grabbers, but closer inspection reveals items such as loon-skin shoes, a pickled polar bear fetus, snow goggles made of caribou antler, and miniature carvings showing intricate scenes of everyday life (look for the one titled First Airplane). A large range of Northern books is for sale.