Igreja de São Francisco de Paula

Minas Gerais

This simple hilltop church above the bus station is closed to visitors, but it's well worth climbing to the grassy plaza out front, which commands magnificent picture-postcard views of Tiradentes' historic center.

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1. Chafariz de São José

0.15 MILES

Constructed in 1749 by the town council and set against a verdant backdrop, this gorgeous fountain north of Córrego Santo Antônio has three sections: one…

2. Museu de Sant'Ana

0.16 MILES

This innovative museum in Tiradentes' former town jail was conceived by Belo Horizonte–based Angela Gutierrez, creator of Ouro Prêto’s Museu do Oratório…

3. Largo das Forras

0.16 MILES

Tiradentes' sprawling central square is a social gathering point and a prime venue for special events such as the annual Festival de Cultura e Gastronomia.

4. Igreja NS Rosário dos Pretos

0.19 MILES

This beautiful stone church, with its many images of black saints, was built in 1708, by and for slaves. Since they had no free time during daylight hours…

5. Museu Liturgia

0.23 MILES

Spanning three centuries, this museum's collection includes vestments, ex votos and hundreds of other historical liturgical objects from Tiradentes'…

6. Museu do Padre Toledo

0.25 MILES

Dedicated to 18th-century Brazilian priest and revolutionary hero Padre Toledo, this historical museum occupies the 18-room house where Padre Toledo…

7. Igreja Matriz de Santo Antônio


Named for Tiradentes' patron saint, this gorgeous church is one of Aleijadinho's last designs. The dazzling gold interior is rich in Old Testament…

8. Mazuma Mineira


If you've ever wondered how cachaça (Brazil's famous sugarcane alcohol) is made, this is a perfect place to learn. This small-scale alambique (distillery)…