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$114.30 Private & Custom Tours

Full-Day Historic Private City Tour of Salvador with Lunch

Join this full-day historic tour of Salvador in Brazil and enjoy an included lunch to try the special Bahia dish at a local cuisine restaurant. This tour is great for those who have short time in Salvador but want to visit the most renowned and remarkable sights of this city.In the morning, we will visit the historic sights of the city, its colonial mansions and monuments and experience some of the history of Brazil's first capital. Then we will have lunch at a typical cuisine restaurant and savor the unique flavors of Bahia gastronomy. In the afternoon, we continue our tour by visiting the region known as Cidade Baixa (outskirts), where we will gaze at the gorgeous landscapes of the port area of all saint´s Bay.Sights to Visit: • Barra Fort and Lighthouse • Campo Grande square Independence Monument • Lacerda Elevator • Rio Branco Palace • Basilica church Cathedral • Church of St. Francis of Assis • Largo do Pelourinho • Carmo Church • Dique do Tororó • Ribeira - Decorated Tiles • Ribeira - Ice Cream Store • Bonfim Church • Montserrat Fortress • Market - Mercado Modelo

$44.93 Shore Excursions

Private Shore Excursion of Salvador

Once you disembark your cruise and meet your guide, our first visit is to Pelourinho. We'll explore this area by walking in the old town.Then we get on board of our car or a van to visit the Itapagipe peninsula. We'll see the Ribeira Area, the famous Bonfim church and its Brazilian ribbon, the Monte Serrat Fort, Boa Viagem offering a magnificent view of Salvador. Usually we take our lunch break in Ribeira, on a typical restaurant close to the bay. After the lunch, we visit Barra, the Tororo lake and its huge sculptures of the Orixas, which is the spirits of the Afro Brazilian Religion, the Candomblé. If we have time, and if you are interested, we can go as well to the Sao Joaquim market, a very local market with an incredible amount of different fruits, vegetables, spices and also all the afro-Brazilian religion (Candomblé) related products. During the tour by car, we'll stop in the places mentioned to take a walk around the attraction with the guide explaining. For example, we'll stop to visit the Bonfim church, another stop to see the Mont Serrat Fortress. The only place where is not possible to stop, is the Tororo Lake but we can pass with the car very close by to take photographs.

$101 Cultural & Theme Tours

Salvador African Heritage, Museum Private Guided Tour, Pickup

Salvador, the first capital of Brazil, keeps as a heritage remarkable presence of African identities, brought through the transatlantic slave trade from the coast of Africa to Brazil. During the Portuguese colonization, the Bay of All Saints was of fundamental importance as the main exportation port in the Southern Hemisphere, from which products such as Brazilian sugar and Bolivian silver were sent to European metropolises . Moreover, it was a port of intense circulation of African slaves in the New World.This tour has been specially designed to deliver special knowledge about the transatlantic slave trade and its legacy through key historical sites of the city of Salvador. This itinerary will start at the Fort and Lighthouse Barra, one of the ports of arrival of enslaved Africans in the city. We will proceed to the Tororó dike and visit the monument dedicated to the valuable legacy of African religious heritage through the worship of Orixas. The next sites are located in the Cidade Baixa (Lower City), where we will visit other central locations in the historical processes that mark the presence of Africans in Bahia and Brazil.The next site is the historic downtown area, and the Afro-Brazilian museum, in which there is a rich collection that highlights the African perspective in the formation of Brazilian identify and culture. The itinerary includes the Society for Black Protection, an organization led by former slaves and dedicated to promoting the liberation of enslaved Africans and their decedents. Then we will visit the church of the Rosary of the Blacks, the first Black Christian religious brotherhood in the New World. We will conclude this itinerary visiting the museum Casa do Benin, one of the main African cultural centers of in the state of Bahia.

$113.40 Shows, Concerts & Sports

Private Tour to Cultural Show and Dinner in Salvador

Itineraries are tailored to explore historic places with nightly ambiances, in order for the best enjoyment and understanding of how Bahian people are proud of their heritage. These tours include dinner in a traditional restaurant, in which the atmosphere is not only charming but also offers the typical cuisine elaborated by our ancestors, in a mixture of remarkable and unforgettable delicacies and flavors.The celebrations and festivities in the streets are unique spectacles, and during the night experience there's a spectacular show of Bahian culture, which allows a better understanding of what Bahia is all about! The Bahia by night tour offers music and the sound of drums, resulting in the palpable magic of the sacred dances of the African Gods, the dancing waters, and Yemanja in her impressive yet smooth and steady motion. Witness the legacy of a resistance in struggle through Capoeira and Maculele, ancestral dances that symbolize the freedom of black people in Brazil, and the beautiful roda de samba, a trademark of Brazilian musicality.Sights to visit:Dique do TororoWalking TourHistoric CenterCultural ShowLocal Traditional Cuisine dinner

$88 Transfers & Ground Transport

Round-Trip Private Transfer Between Airport and Hotel in Salvador de Bahia

Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign which will have your name on it. Transfers are available daily from the International Airport Luis Eduardo Magalhães of Salvador da Bahia, to all hotels in vehicle with safety, punctuality and comfort.You'll need to advise your flight details and your Salvador city hotel or address details. Your transfer will be confirmed instantaneously and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver.You should enjoy your vacation so get off to a great start with us.

$94 Private & Custom Tours

Private Anthropological City Tour of Salvador

After hotel pickup, your tour of African traditions and culture in Salvador starts in the historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site known as Pelourinho. Here you'll visit the Afro-Brazilian Museum, whose rich collection depicts the history of Africans in Brazil. Continue to the railway suburbs, and learn about the urban landscape changes that have occurred over time in areas home to descendants of enslaved communities. This tour aims to educate you about African traditions that have been preserved in the city through the centuries and gives you the opportunity to learn about the legacy of the struggle for freedom and religious preservation. Visit the largest open market in the city, São Joaquim Market, founded by enslaved Africans in the 14th century, and then head to the old port where Africans once arrived and were sold at the slave market.To finish the tour, visit the 'queen of the sea' house, located by the beach at Rio Vermelho, a fishing community where an altar was built in reverence to orixá iemanjá, an African divinity from the sea. Every year on February 2, a ceremony takes place to honor this African orixá, attracting more than 400,000 people. Your tour also includes lunch with a family who has a 50-year connection to the Garcia neighborhood; you'll enjoy feijoada (homemade bean stew) for an authentic taste of this community.