Lagoa de Guaraíras

Praia da Pipa

Lagoa de Guaraíras, behind the river mouth at Tibau do Sul, 8km northwest of Pipa, is one of the area's most stunning landscapes. A massive, dune- and mangrove-bound lagoon, it's particularly spectacular at sunset.

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Nearby Praia da Pipa attractions

1. Praia do Madeiro

3.51 MILES

Praia do Madeiro curves northward from the headland at the far end of Baía dos Golfinhos and is perhaps Pipa's most enchanting stretch of sand. It has a…

2. Santuário Ecológico de Pipa


This small, privately owned reserve, 2km west along the main road from the town center, does a valuable job of protecting at least some of the Pipa coast…

3. Praia da Pipa

5.34 MILES

The main beach, Praia da Pipa, is about 1.5km long and has fishing boats, numerous bars and restaurants, and rock pools at low tide.

4. Praia do Amor


This advanced surf beach is accessed off the eastern part of Av Baía dos Golfinhos. You can rent surfboards here and in town for around R$30 per hour (or…

5. Maior Cajuiero do Mundo

14.77 MILES

Taking up an entire block in the pretty coastal town of Pirangi, 15km south of Ponta Negra, the world's largest cashew tree is a source of pride for the…

6. Morro da Careca

21.36 MILES

At the south end of Praia de Ponta Negra is the Morro da Careca, a spectacularly high sand dune with a steep face dropping straight into the sea. Access…

7. Praia de Ponta Negra

22.41 MILES

Praia de Ponta Negra, at the far south end of town, is the nicest stretch of sand in Natal and one of the most appealing big-city beaches in the Northeast…

8. Praia dos Artistas

28.75 MILES

Praia dos Artistas is an urban beach with good surfing waves. It used to be the hub of Natal nightlife but is now pretty sketchy after dark.