Maior Cajuiero do Mundo


Taking up an entire block in the pretty coastal town of Pirangi, 15km south of Ponta Negra, the world's largest cashew tree is a source of pride for the local community: its sprawl of branches is over 500m in circumference! Skip past the cheesy touristy stands to walk among its impressive tangled web of branches and roots that spiral out from the main trunk to form an interwoven enchanted forest. Climb the lookout to appreciate the scale.

While it's already the undisputed champion, the tree is still growing and sprawling out of its fenced-in lot onto the roads outside, forcing the local government to seek a way to reshape the urban environment to free up more land.

Buses to Pirangi (R$3, one hour) leave from the side of the BR gas station on Av Cel Estevam next to the Rodoviária Nova every 30 minutes between 6am and 7:30pm.