French Vice-Consulate Building


At the 19th-century French vice-consulate building, diamond commerce was once negotiated.

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1. Mercado Cultural

0.06 MILES

For handicrafts made of local wood and stone, clay soaps, and semiprecious jewelry, stop by the beautiful old Mercado Cultural. Perched above the river on…

2. Prefeitura Municipal

0.08 MILES

The lovely Prefeitura Municipal, built in 1860, was the mansion of Colonel César Sá – the Neoclassical details were reportedly added to please his wife.

3. Igreja Senhor dos Passos

0.09 MILES

Honors the patron saint of miners – and was built by slaves. The church is open occasionally to visitors during festivals and other special events.

4. Casa de Cultura Afrânio Peixoto

0.15 MILES

It's worth stopping in this small museum dedicated to the life and career of Julio Afrânio Peixoto, considered one of Lençós' most accomplished citizens…