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Jericoacoara, known to its many friends simply as ‘Jeri,’ is one of Brazil's most cinematic destinations. It magnetizes travelers with its perfect combination of hard-to-reach location (access is only by unpaved tracks through the dunes), stunning coastal scenery, exciting activities, excellent pousadas and restaurants, and fun nightlife. During the day, its beaches, dunes and lagoons are as postcard-worthy as any... Read More

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Buenos Aires to Rio & Northern Brazil

For 25 days, check out the best highlights of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil with a group of new friends. Roam the gorgeous streets of Buenos Aires, visit a traditional ranch in Uruguay, gape at massive Iguassu Falls, hike across the car-free island of Ilha Grande, soak up some culture in Salvador, and bliss out on the picture-perfect beaches of Jericoacoara. Nature, beaches, cities, nightlife, food, and friends: this one's got it all.

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The Great South American Journey–Quito to Fortaleza

How do you possibly sum up an epic 73-day adventure throughout the entire continent of South America? From a unique homestay in the Amazon, to the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, glittering Buenos Aires nightlife, the majesty of Iguassu Falls, and the mystery of Nazca, this massive tour is the perfect introduction to a whole (and incredibly exciting) portion of the world. Take this South America journey with a group of similar adventurers to yourself and be reminded why you started travelling in the first place.

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Ultimate Brazil

Imagine experiencing Brazil. Ok, now imagine experiencing virtually all of it and you've pretty well summed up this absolutely incredible 26-day whirlwind tour of nearly all the country's highlights. Start off discovering why Rio is a favourite city for anyone who's been. Feel the vibrations (in your heart) from the rumble of Iguassu Falls. Then head north into the Amazon to explore the lush jungle. After find yourself in Chapada NP finding waterfalls, caves, and parts of yourself you'd long forgotten. From party time in the cities, to some serious beach time along the coasts, this is the right (aka best) way to do iconic Brazil.

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Northern Brazil Express

This quick nine-day tour of northern Brazil hits loads of highlights north of Rio. Samba dance and sip caipirinhas beside the turquoise waters of the Atlantic coast, discover the gorgeous old buildings of Salvador, Bahia, and find out once and for all why Rio's so famous for its nightlife. The tour maximizes time by including two short flights to skip long, overnight bus rides. Hop on board and see Brazil north of Rio.

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Highlights & Hidden Gems of Argentina & Brazil

If you're going to come all this way to grab hold of Brazilian and Argentine culture, do it the right way with this 22-day trip. It's a once-in-a-lifetime cultural, beach, and natural adventure. Trek through the stunning Chapada Diamantina National Park, stay for two nights in the inner Amazon, stand in front of the thundering Iguassu Falls, and explore the exhilarating cities of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. Go big.

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Explore Northern Brazil & Amazon

Get off Brazil's well-worn (yet beautiful) path with this 14-day tour that begins in Rio and heads north. Spend two nights in the northern Amazon, slide your way down the sand dunes at Jericoacoara, and then finish off your adventure exploring the coastal city of Salvador. With both remote-beach time and big-city party time built in, this trip's the perfect way to see north Brazil.