Centro de Turismo


The Centro de Turismo, a converted 19th-century jail, houses a lot of craft stalls and a tourist information office. Upstairs, the Museu de Arte e Cultura Popular, which has an impressive collection of Ceará crafts, is currently closed for renovations. You can often see lacemakers at work here.

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Nearby Fortaleza attractions

1. Igreja da Sé

0.35 MILES

Fortaleza's neo-Gothic Catholic cathedral is the city's most important church.

3. Museu de Arte Contemporânea

0.58 MILES

This contemporary art museum is one of two museums that make up Fortaleza's excellent Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar and is well worth a wander.

4. Memorial da Cultura Cearense

0.62 MILES

Part of Fortaleza's excellent Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar, this museum hosts exhibits on Ceará's traditional way of life and culture. Temporary…

5. Praia do Meireles

2.13 MILES

This central beach has an attractive waterfront promenade with homey beer barracas (stalls) on the sand side and smart air-conditioned restaurants and…

6. Praia do Futuro

5.47 MILES

A clean length of soft sand stretching 5km along Fortaleza’s east-facing coast, this is easily the best city beach, though it's far from most…

7. Cumbuco

16.58 MILES

Cumbuco, 35km from Fortaleza, has a long wide beach with soft sand, an expanse of dunes and a few lagoons that make it very popular for buggy rides and…