Must see attractions in The Amazon

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    Praia Grande

    This is Barcelos' biggest and most accessible beach. It's on an island directly opposite town and is a short boat ride (R$4) from the main dock. Shacks…

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    Centro Cultural dos Povos da Amazônia

    At the heart of this massive cultural complex is the excellent Museu do Homem do Norte (Museum of Northern Man), which contains an incredible array of…

  • A

    Arquipélago Mariuá

    Hostel Manaus arranges engaging tours of various lengths to this massive collection of islands, the largest river archipelago in the world, southeast of…

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    Ponta do Cururú

    Most afternoons, large numbers of pink and grey dolphins congregate just offshore from this sandy point near the mouth of the Rio Tapajós for an evening…

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    Centro Cultural Usina Chaminé

    Also known as the Museu dos Cinco Sentidos (Museum of the Five Senses), this innovative museum uses the five senses to evoke and illustrate indigenous and…

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    Praia Garrote

    Praia Garrote is a completely undeveloped beach at the mouth of the Rio Paracauari. To get there, follow Travessa 9 east out of town; the road makes a…

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    Palacio Rio Branco

    Acre’s first capitol building, the imposing Palacio Rio Branco, is now mostly a tourist attraction. A maze of interconnected rooms contain informative,…

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    Praça Mirante do Tapajós

    This pleasant oval-shaped plaza and viewpoint has two open-air food stalls and good river views. An observation tower affords an even better view,…

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    Centro de Interpretación Natütama

    The Centro de Interpretación Natütama has a fascinating museum with nearly 100 life-sized wood carvings of Amazonian flora and fauna. There’s also a small…

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    Praia Barra Velha

    Praia Barra Velha is edged by thick mangrove stands and several small restaurants. To get there, follow Travessa 14 east of town for about 4.5km to a fork…

  • M

    Museu Amazônico

    Housed in a converted mansion, the Museu Amazônico has a small but excellent collection of indigenous items and artifacts from around the Amazon, many…

  • E

    Encontro das Aguas

    Tefé has a small Encontro das Aguas, where an offshoot of the creamy-brown Solimões merges with the red-black water pouring out of Lago de Tefé. It's an…

  • S

    Seminario San José

    In town, Seminario San José is a striking structure that occupies the entire northern side of Praça Tulio Avevêdo. It was once a seminary and is now used…

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    Catedral Metropolitana de Manaus

    Manaus' main cathedral has twin bell towers and a warm yellow interior. It makes for a welcome respite from the busy streets just outside.

  • P

    Praia do Cajueiro

    A few blocks west of the town center along the waterfront promenade is this pleasant beach, wrapping around to the Tapajós River.

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    Tumucumaque National Park

    Parque Nacional Montanhas do Tumucumaque (Tumucumaque National Park) is Brazil’s largest national park, spanning nearly 39,000 sq km. It borders the…

  • R

    Reserva Extrativista Pedras Negras

    About 240km upstream from Costa Marques, the Reserva Extrativista Pedras Negras has good opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and spotting rare orchids,…

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    Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro

    The former home of eccentric German rubber baron Waldemar Scholz, the Centro Cultural Palácio Rio Negro was built in the early 1900s and served for many…

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    Parque Nacional de Pacaás Novos

    This rugged, 7648-sq-km national park includes Rondônia’s highest peak, Pico do Tracoá (1230m), and some spectacular waterfalls. Fauna includes rarely…

  • E

    Estrada de Ferro Madeira–Mamoré

    Right on prime waterfront, the massive warehouses and rusting trains at this historic railyard would make an ideal home for hip bars and restaurants,…