Must see shopping in The Amazon

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    Fundação Almerinda Malaquias

    The shop for this local foundation, set up to help local community projects, has an excellent choice of mostly wooden crafts, from carved animals and…

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    Galeria Amazônica

    Right on Praça São Sebastião, this is Manaus’ top shop for genuine-article Amazonian handiwork, including gorgeous basketwork, pottery and folk art, as…

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    Araribá Cultura Indígena

    Arguably the best indigenous art store in the region, representing communities throughout the Amazon Basin. Items range from inexpensive necklaces to…

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    Mercado Ver-o-Peso

    This is Belém's best place to browse and shop, whether for long pants, lacquered piranha or anything in between. Pará has gained national attention with…

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    Comercial São Bento

    One of several casas de redes (hammock shops) clustered around this corner; this one has a monster selection and amiable service. For riverboat trips,…

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    Arte Waimiri Atroari

    This small shop at the entrance to the port sells crafts from the Waimiri Atroari indigenous people who live a day's journey north of Novo Airão, along…

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    Todo Mosaico

    This one-room showroom exhibits the eye-catching paintings (parrots are a recurring theme) of local artist Buy Chaves and the wood-sculpted furnishings of…

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    This attractive shop has a small but carefully chosen range of jewelry, T-shirts and other crafts, as well as paintings and black-and-white photography.

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    Feira de Artesanato

    A large crafts fair that has the city’s biggest range of attractive artwork, a lot of which is homemade. It’s especially busy on Sundays.

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    Imperador das Redes

    Large hammock store, with everything from light, simple varieties to deluxe matrimonial ones with lace fringe and more (R$40 to $150).

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    Boulevard Shopping

    Belém’s latest, biggest mall is a modern cement, steel and glass structure, brilliantly lit at night and showcasing top-tier clothing, electronics and…

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    Banca do Largo

    This small kiosk on the square, right next to the Teatro Amazonas, has an intriguing selection of mostly Portuguese-language books on the Amazon, as well…

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    Loja Regional Muiraquita

    Santarém has a large collection of souvenirs. There's a lot of tat and not much that's original here, but you might uncover the occasional nice item.

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    Mercado Turístico

    Two city blocks have been designated as pedestrian only, and are lined with stalls selling everything from handicrafts to cashew nuts.

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    This large downtown supermarket is a good place to buy batteries, rain ponchos, toiletries, and so on.

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    Cerâmica Mbara-yo

    This is the modest shop of ceramicist Carlos Amaral, who combines traditional Aruã and Marajoara ceramic traditions with award-winning results. You can…