Štrbački Buk

Top choice waterfall in Una River Valley

Competing with Kravice as the nation's most impressive waterfall, Štrbački Buk is a seriously dramatic double cascade, pounding over a superbly photogenic 18m drop-off, overlooked by a network of viewing platforms.

The easiest access is 8km along a graded but potholed, unpaved road from Orašac on the Kulen Vakuf Rd via the Una National Park's Gate 3 where you pay the entrance fee. Alternatively, in dry conditions you can approach from isolated Gate 1 (Gorevac, 200m off the Bihać–Sarajevo Rd, 16km from Bihać). The 14km of rough woodland lane has been recently improved but remains very narrow with a few dicey spots (keep right then left at the only two turns en route). It's sometimes impassable after rain so ask at the park office in Bihać before attempting in a low-clearance car.

If you don't have your own vehicle, the office can organsie bicycles or you can rent them from Discover Bihać in Kulen Vakuf, 7km from Orašac.