Puerta del Sol


At the far northwest corner of Kalasasaya is Tiwanaku’s best-known structure, the 10-ton Puerta del Sol. This megalithic gateway was carved from a single block of andesite, and archaeologists assume that it was associated with the sun deity. The surface of this fine-grained, gray volcanic rock is ornamented with low-relief designs on one side and a row of four deep niches on the other.

The gateway was most likely originally located in the center of Kalasasaya Platform and was used as a calendar, with the sun striking specific figures on the solstice and equinox.

There’s a smaller, similar gateway carved with zoomorphic designs near the western end of the site that is informally known as the Puerta de la Luna.

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Nearby Tiwanaku attractions

1. Putuni

0.05 MILES

West of Kalasasaya is a 55m-by-60m rectangular area known as Putuni. It is surrounded by double walls and you can see the foundations of several tombs…

2. Kalasasaya

0.06 MILES

North of the Akapana Pyramid is Kalasasaya, a partially reconstructed 130m-by-120m ritual-platform compound with walls constructed of huge blocks of red…

3. Templete Semisubterráneo


East of the main entrance to Kalasasaya, a stairway leads down into the Templete Semisubterráneo, an acoustic, red-sandstone pit structure measuring 26m…

4. Akapana Pyramid

0.16 MILES

Climb the hill up to Tiwanaku’s most outstanding structure, the partially excavated Akapana pyramid, which was built on an existing geological formation…

5. Puerta de la Luna

0.16 MILES

There’s a small gateway carved with zoomorphic designs near the western end of Tiwanaku, informally known as the Puerta de la Luna.

6. Megaphones


At the entrance to the Tiwanaku site are two stone blocks that can be used as megaphones. Entertain yourself for a minute or two with this interesting pre…

7. Kantatayita

0.23 MILES

The heap of rubble at the eastern end of the Tiwanaku site is known as Kantatayita. Archaeologists are still trying to deduce some sort of meaningful plan…

8. Museo Cerámico

0.28 MILES

Showcases a small collection of the ceramics found at the site, as well as a ceremonially deformed cranium and artifacts from the Chiripa and Wankarani…