San Jacinto Reservoir


This 17-sq-km reservoir, 7km southwest of town, makes for a pleasant afternoon trip, especially on hot days. It gets very busy on weekends with families and university students feasting on crabs and dorado (a delicious local fish) served from a handful of little cabañas (open 10am to 5pm) perched over the edge of the water just past the dam (an almost vertical stairway leads to the base of the dam).

There's a place to rent canoes or, if you feel the need for speed, jet skis. Those who prefer tranquility can take short walks along the shore and surrounding ridges. Trufis to San Jacinto (B$3, 10 minutes) run every 20 minutes from the corner of Ingavi and Campos (outside the Palacio de la Justicia) in Tarija. Taxis cost B$15 to B$20 each way and it's a common stop with tour companies in Tarija.

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