Tajzara Lagoons


Along the eastern shores of the lagoons, the wind has heaped up large arenales (sand dunes). An interesting climb takes you to the symmetrical peak of Muyuloma, which rises about 1000m above the plain. The summit affords views across the lagoons and beyond to the endless expanses of the southern altiplano – thousands of Andean and James' flamingos can often be seen in the waters here. The return climb takes the better part of a day.

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Nearby Bolivia attractions

1. Observatorio de Aves

5.48 MILES

A favorite with bird-watchers in search of three of the world's six flamingo species, and the rare horned and giant coots.

2. San Jacinto Reservoir

25.43 MILES

This 17-sq-km reservoir, 7km southwest of town, makes for a pleasant afternoon trip, especially on hot days. It gets very busy on weekends with families…

3. Museo de Arqueología y Paleontología

27.72 MILES

The university-run Archaeology & Paleontology Museum provides a glimpse of the prehistoric creatures and lives of the early peoples that once inhabited…

4. Coliseo Luis Parra

27.74 MILES

Entertaining basketball, futsal (five-a-side soccer) and volleyball games are played at the Coliseo Luis Parra.

5. Iglesia de San Juan

27.75 MILES

The Iglesia de San Juan was constructed in 1632 and it was here that the Spanish signed their surrender to the liberation army after the Batalla de la…

6. Cathedral

27.75 MILES

This rather dull-looking cathedral contains the remains of prominent chapacos, including Tarija’s founder, don Luis de Fuentes y Vargas. It was…

7. Casa Dorada

27.85 MILES

With heavy coats of gold and silver paint, the appropriately named Gilded House whose roof is topped with a row of liberating angels looks impressive from…

8. Mirador Loma de San Juan

27.85 MILES

This park area above the tree-covered slopes of the Loma de San Juan provides a grand city view and makes it a favorite with smooching students. Climb…