El Cabildo


City Hall is housed in an elaborately designed colonial-era building with an ornately carved portal occupying the western side of Plaza 10 de Noviembre.

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1. Casa Nacional de la Moneda

0.04 MILES

The National Mint is Potosí’s star attraction and one of South America’s finest museums. Potosí’s first mint was constructed on the present site of the…

2. Bell Tower

0.07 MILES

Visit the bell tower of Potosí's central cathedral for nice views of the city. The side entrance is hard to spot.

3. La Catedral

0.07 MILES

Construction of La Catedral was initiated in 1564 and finally completed around 1600. The original building lasted until the early 19th century, when it…

4. Torre de la Compañía de Jesús

0.07 MILES

The ornate and beautiful bell tower, on what remains of the former Jesuit church, was completed in 1707 after the collapse of the original church. Both…

5. Iglesia Santo Domingo


Parts of this 17th-century church, recently restored, served as a prison from 1860 to 2000.

6. Portón Mestizo


On Calle Junín, between Matos and Bolívar, this especially lovely and elaborate doorway, flanked by twisted columns, once graced the home of the Marqués…

7. Museo y Convento de San Francisco

0.14 MILES

This convent, founded in 1547 by Fray Gaspar de Valverde, is the oldest monastery in Bolivia. Owing to its inadequate size, it was demolished in 1707 and…

8. Arcos de Cobija

0.16 MILES

Potosí's elaborate colonial architecture merits a stroll around the narrow streets to take in the ornate doorways and facades, as well as the covered…