Amazon Basin

Tumichucuá is a small community about 25km south of town (B$30 by moto-taxi) toward ‘El Triángulo’ (the road junction to Cobija). There is a lake for swimming and a forested island with walking trails, plus cabins. Nobody is sure how far from Riberalta it is, as according to local legend the lake moves at night, sometimes coming to rest closer to the town, sometimes further away.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Amazon Basin attractions

1. Cathedral

11.4 MILES

Riberalta’s cathedral is a wonderful structure in classic Missionary style, wide and elegant, built using red brick and cedar. It sits on the main square…

2. Paseo Turístico La Costanera

11.62 MILES

This well-maintained walking path on Riberalta’s river bluff overlooks a broad, sweeping curve of the Río Beni and affords the standard Amazonian view…

3. Area Protegida Municipal Aquicuana

20.28 MILES

This lush jungle reserve 22km north of Riberalta (B$30 by moto-taxi) is a great spot for bird-watching, wildlife watching (particularly caimans and…