Quebrada Palala


About 3km northwest of Tupiza is Quebrada Palala, a broad quebrada (wash) lined with some very impressive red formations known as fins. During the rainy season it becomes a tributary of Río Tupiza. Beyond the dramatic red rocks, the wash rises very gently into hills colored greenish-blue and violet by lead and other mineral deposits.

To get here, head north on Tupiza’s Av La Paz from Plazuela El Mundo; 2km ahead, along the railroad line, you’ll see the mouth of the quebrada. Alternatively, take minibus 2 from Tupiza town center to Palala village (10 minutes, B$1.50); it drops you right at the start of the quebrada. About 5km further along, the route passes fin formations and continues up the broad quebrada into increasingly lonely country, past scrub brush and cacti stands.

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