El Sillar


El Sillar (the Saddle), located 17km northwest of Tupiza, is where a road straddles a narrow ridge between two peaks and two valleys. Throughout this area, rugged amphitheaters have been gouged out of the mountainsides and eroded into spires that resemble a stone forest. The easiest way to get here is on the 3:30pm Tupiza Tours bus (B$70); it's possible to hire a bike and cycle back to Tupiza for an extra B$80.

The road continues on to San Vicente, of Butch Cassidy and Sundance fame. This entire route is part of a centuries-old trade route. From May to early July you may see a trickle of llama, alpaca and donkey trains (or nowadays more likely camiones, pickup trucks) humping salt blocks 300km from the Salar de Uyuni to trade in Tarija.

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1. Quebrada Palala


About 3km northwest of Tupiza is Quebrada Palala, a broad quebrada (wash) lined with some very impressive red formations known as fins. During the rainy…

2. Quebrada Palmira

5.87 MILES

Cañon del Inca, 8km west of Tupiza, makes a great destination for a half-day hike via Quebrada Palmira, a normally dry wash flanked by tall and precarious…

3. Cañón del Duende


This canyon, located 9km outside Tupiza, can be reached from the town on a great half-day hike through towering red rock formations of the nearby Quebrada…

4. Cerro Corazón de Jesús

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The short hike up this hill leads to a monument of Jesus flanked by the Stations of the Cross. It's a pleasant morning or evening outing when the low sun…

5. Church

6.78 MILES

Overlooking Plaza Independencia is Tupiza's Catholic church. It's closed outside mass times.

6. Municipal Museum


Tupiza’s municipal museum houses a jumble of historical and cultural artifacts in two rooms. The artifacts include an antique cart, old photographs,…

8. Cerro de la Cruz

7.42 MILES

A steep, rocky path leads to the top of Cerro de la Cruz, affording breathtaking views of Tupiza and the surrounding hills. The hike takes about two hours…