Avenue Ducpétiaux 18-24

©Analia Glogowski/Lonely Planet

Ave Ducpétiaux 18–24


Home to fine archetypal art nouveau town houses.

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1. Musée d’Art Fantastique

0.08 MILES

In what seems an outwardly typical Ixelles town house, this museum hits you with jumbled rooms full of cyborg body parts, Terminator heads and vampire…

2. Musée Horta

0.09 MILES

The typically austere exterior doesn’t give much away, but Victor Horta’s former home (designed and built 1898–1901) is an art nouveau jewel. The…

3. Ave Brugmann 30

0.18 MILES

This building features a round-ended art deco tower apartment.

4. Les Hiboux

0.19 MILES

Features archetypal art nouveau circular window-tops and little owls over the door.

5. Hôtel Hannon


A splendid art nouveau building designed in 1902 by Jules Brunfaut and graced by stone friezes and stained glass. The house isn't open to the public, but…

6. Rue Africaine 92

0.21 MILES

Art nouveau house with creamy tones, harmonious lines and a big circular window.

7. Église des Augustins

0.24 MILES

A lovely art deco church built from concrete, a bold move in 1935 when it was completed.

8. St-Gilles Prison


The crenellated white-stone facade of this prison imitates a Crusades-era fortress.