Jardin d’Enfants


Victor Horta's first civic commission, the charming Jardin d’Enfants in the Marolles still functions as a schoolhouse.

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1. Josephine Baker Mural

0.08 MILES

In one of the most distinctive Marolles murals, slinky chanteuse Josephine, with a leopard on a lead, shakes hands with a rotund monk. Behind, both in the…

2. Peeping Policeman

0.12 MILES

This Hergé character uses the terrace end brilliantly for a little spying.

3. Bruegel House

0.13 MILES

There is a museum in this step-gabled house where Pieter Bruegel the Elder lived and died, but it’s only open by reservation; phone ahead or check with…

4. Elevator

0.18 MILES

A glass elevator leads from the Palais du Justice down to the earthy Marolles district.

5. Viewpoint


Look out over the Marolles towards the old town.

6. Palais de Justice

0.21 MILES

Larger than St Peter’s in Rome, this 2.6-hectare complex of law courts was the world’s biggest building when it was constructed (1866–83). While the…

7. Église Notre-Dame de la Chapelle

0.22 MILES

Brussels’ oldest surviving church now curiously incorporates the decapitated tower of the 1134 original as the central section of a bigger Gothic edifice…

8. Jewish Museum

0.28 MILES

The Jewish Museum hosts good temporary photography exhibits and a permanent collection relating to Jewish life in Belgium and beyond, with a section on…