Ferry Piers


Particularly atmospheric in the evenings, when dramatically lit and boldly painted launches depart from adjoining ghats, the piers are a wonderful place to soak up the local riverine culture. Overseen by BIWTC (buy a ticket at the main gate leading to the ghats), the place transforms into a bustling confluence of humanity after dusk, as hundreds of people turn up with their belongings to board their vessels, and the piers throng with fruit-sellers, snack-vendors, tea-makers and boatmen all gearing up for business.

It's a fabulous place for people watching and photo-ops, apart from getting an insight into the waterways transport culture in the region that serves as a lifeline to thousands of local Bangladeshi people. You can also come here for a stroll in the mornings, when vessels (including the Rocket) drift in and drop anchor one after the other.

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