Hannans North Tourist Mine

Western Australia

Hear Paddy Hannan's talk of how he struck gold and try your hand at panning for gold and playing two-up (a popular miners' gambling game). Check out the vast mining machinery, climb into the shovel of an immense loader, and learn all about the hardships of mining life in the 1890s. If you're not claustrophobic, visit the underground refuge chamber that can keep 12 people alive for 72 hours.

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1. Museum of the Goldfields

1.23 MILES

The impressive Ivanhoe-mine head frame marks this excellent museum's entrance; take the lift to look over the city. An underground vault displays giant…

2. School of Mines Mineral Museum

1.51 MILES

If you love geology, the display of over 3000 rock specimens and replicas of big gold nuggets discovered locally is not to be missed.

3. Goldfields Arts Centre

1.66 MILES

Stop by to check out the changing art exhibitions. Past exhibitions have included works by such acclaimed Aboriginal artists as Julie Dowling.

4. Questa Casa

1.83 MILES

Still operational, this is the last of the gold-rush-era brothels that once lined Hay St. Visitors over 18 are indicted into the brothel's mysteries daily…

6. Super Pit Lookout

4.71 MILES

The view is staggering here, with building-sized trucks zigzagging up and down the huge hole and looking like kids' toys. Gawp at the vast gold mine from…

7. Goldfields Museum & Visitor Centre

24.06 MILES

Inside the visitor centre, you can bone up on the 1892 Coolgardie gold rush, marvel at the size of the Golden Eagle nugget, peruse ye olde apothecary…

8. Warden Finnerty's Residence

24.1 MILES

Step back in time to 1895 inside the residence of Coolgardie's first mining warden and magistrate, full of period furniture and trappings.