Broome & The Kimberley

Small and remote, this tiny Aboriginal community is home to only 20 people. Tourists are welcome; there are simple campsites and you can participate in a range of cultural activities such as hunting, fishing, traditional cooking and rock-art tours. Or just lie back and swim in the gorge. The turn-off is 4km south of the Great Northern Hwy and Victoria Hwy junction. Find them on Facebook (search for Wuggubun Community).

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Broome & The Kimberley attractions

1. Ngamoowalem Conservation Reserve

12.38 MILES

Immediately west of Kununurra, stretching to Parry Lagoons, is an area containing many hidden gorges, pools and springs culturally significant to the…

2. Emma Gorge

16.81 MILES

Emma Gorge features a sublime plunge pool and waterfall, one of the prettiest in the whole Kimberley. The attached resort has an open-air bistro and…

3. The Grotto

18.18 MILES

Just off the highway, 33km from Wyndham, steep steps lead down to a deep, peaceful pool in a small gorge, perfect for a quiet dip. Be aware that…

4. El Questro Wilderness Park

23.12 MILES

This vast 400,000-hectare former cattle station turned international resort incorporates scenic gorges (Amelia, El Questro) and Zebedee Springs. Boat…

5. Lake Kununurra

23.96 MILES

Lake Kununurra has pleasant picnic spots, a swimming beach at the end of Millington Dr, and great fishing.

6. Zebedee Springs

24.09 MILES

A short walk (750m) through beautiful Livistona palms brings you to these shady, soothing hot pools.

7. El Questro Gorge

24.18 MILES

Hot walk to a lovely shady gorge with permanent, spring-fed pools. It's about 2.5km one way.

8. Lily Creek Lagoon

26.41 MILES

Across the highway from the township, Lily Creek Lagoon is a mini-wetlands with amazing birdlife, boating and freshwater crocs.