Ngamoowalem Conservation Reserve

Broome & The Kimberley

Immediately west of Kununurra, stretching to Parry Lagoons, is an area containing many hidden gorges, pools and springs culturally significant to the Miriwoong people. While most of the pools are seasonal and accessible by 4WD only, Molly Spring (Galjiba) is a refreshingly permanent pool only 2.5km from the Victoria Hwy and normally open to most vehicles all year. The pandanus-ringed pool is at the bottom of a small, quartzite cliff.

Other Reserve attractions include Valentine (Barndawooba) and Middle (Mayiba) springs and the aptly named Black Rock Falls (Thegooyeng), all of which are at their best in the Wet or early Dry season. With a 4WD, turn-off the highway onto Valentine Rd and you'll come to them all in turn. The windy dirt track continues onto Parry Lagoons.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Broome & The Kimberley attractions

1. Wuggubun

12.38 MILES

Small and remote, this tiny Aboriginal community is home to only 20 people. Tourists are welcome; there are simple campsites and you can participate in a…

2. Lake Kununurra

14.84 MILES

Lake Kununurra has pleasant picnic spots, a swimming beach at the end of Millington Dr, and great fishing.

3. The Grotto

15.74 MILES

Just off the highway, 33km from Wyndham, steep steps lead down to a deep, peaceful pool in a small gorge, perfect for a quiet dip. Be aware that…

4. Lily Creek Lagoon

17.43 MILES

Across the highway from the township, Lily Creek Lagoon is a mini-wetlands with amazing birdlife, boating and freshwater crocs.

5. Kununurra Historical Society Museum

17.45 MILES

Old photographs and newspaper articles document Kununurra's history, including the story of a wartime Wirraway aircraft crash and the subsequent recovery…

6. Waringarri Aboriginal Arts Centre

17.53 MILES

This excellent gallery-studio hosts local artists working with ochres in a unique abstract style. It also represents artists from Kalumburu. A 90-minute…

7. Kelly's Knob

17.72 MILES

The best view in Kununurra is from this rock outcrop on the town's northern edge. Great for sunrise or sunset.

8. Mirima National Park

18.09 MILES

Like a mini Bungle Bungles, the eroded gorges of Hidden Valley are home to brittle red peaks, spinifex, boab trees and abundant wildlife. Several walking…