Cape Peron

West Coast Australia

This pristine sweep of sand backed against red cliffs is popular with fishermen and a locally resident pod of bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins – made famous by National Geographic in 2013 – have developed a unique way of catching prey that requires them to almost beach themselves by chasing it into the shallows. You may see a mother teaching its baby to fish.

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1. Skipjack Point Lookout

0.79 MILES

Looking down from this lofty viewpoint into the clear cerulean waters of the bay, you're very likely to spot the marine creatures that make the national…

2. Cattle Well

2.17 MILES

This dune-backed sweep of sand opens out onto a shallow lagoon where you're likely to spot baby reef sharks very close to the shore.

3. Bottle Bay

2.82 MILES

This stunning beach with a basic campsite is good for swimming and sunbathing.

4. Big Lagoon

23.01 MILES

Some 12km northwest of the Peron Heritage Precinct, Big Lagoon is a gorgeous place to explore if you have a kayak or stand-up paddleboard, and has an…

5. Peron Heritage Precinct

23.21 MILES

Some 7km from the main road and the only place in Francois Peron National Park accessible via 2WD, the old Peron Homestead houses museum displays about…

6. Monkey Mia Marine Reserve

23.81 MILES

It's hard not to smile as Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins start arriving for a breakfast snack. Note that during feedings, visitors are restricted to the…

7. Little Lagoon

27.27 MILES

Idyllic Little Lagoon, 4km from town, has picnic tables and barbecues along its small beach, and is good for a walk or swim.