Reader Head Lookout

West Coast Australia

At the road-end, Reader Head Lookout has great views over the rivermouth, Settlers Beach and Staircase to the Moon.

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Nearby West Coast Australia attractions

1. Settlers Beach

0.26 MILES

Usually empty, this gorgeous crescent of sand with calm waters is great for a dip.

2. Pioneer Cemetery

0.44 MILES

The Japanese section of this tiny cemetery (separate from the European section) bears witness to Cossack's pearling past.

4. Samson Beach

2.68 MILES

Appealing sweep of white sand, lapped at by tranquil cerulean waters. Great for swimming.

5. Mt Welcome Lookout

7.94 MILES

The highest point in Roebourne, the Mt Welcome summit has great 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside. The hilltop is dotted with six sculptures…

6. Old Gaol Museum

8.27 MILES

The old gaol (built in 1886 in cruciform shape) houses the museum, which includes a courtyard minerals display and some harrowing details of Aboriginal…

7. Hearson's Cove


A fine pebble beach with calm waters for swimming and a picnic area. Staircase to the Moon viewing (March to November) and great mudflat exploring at low…

8. Murujuga National Park

26.68 MILES

Murujuga is home to the world's largest concentration of rock art (dating back more than 30,000 years), stretched out along the rocky hills of the heavily…