SS Mildura Wreck

West Coast Australia

Follow the signpost from Yardie Creek Rd to find the 1907 cattle steamer shipwreck that ran aground on the reef. It's visible from the shore.

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Nearby West Coast Australia attractions

1. Bundegi Beach

2.96 MILES

In the shadow of the VLF antenna array, and within cycling range of Exmouth (13km to the south), the calm, sheltered waters of Bundegi Beach and…

2. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

3.83 MILES

It's hard to miss this hilltop lighthouse built in 1912. Spectacular views of the entire cape make it a great place for whale spotting and sunset watching.

3. Jurabi Turtle Centre


Visit this unstaffed interpretive centre by day to study turtle life cycles and obtain the Parks & Wildlife Service pamphlet Marine Turtles in Ningaloo…

4. Mauritius Beach

4.78 MILES

This appealing, long and narrow strip of white sand near Vlamingh Head Lighthouse is clothing-optional. It's 21km from Exmouth.

6. Ningaloo Interpretation Centre

10.64 MILES

Exmouth's showpiece houses the expanded visitor centre, plus three beautifully presented galleries. One covers the history of this young town that grew…

7. Town Beach

11.2 MILES

A relatively short walk from town, this beach is popular with kitesurfers when an easterly is blowing. There are barbecues and picnic tables.

8. Mangrove Bay Bird Hide

18.86 MILES

Spot migratory birds among the mangroves, or just wander out along the tidal flats. Bring insect repellent. The turn-off is about 6km south of the park…