University of Melbourne


The esteemed University of Melbourne was established in 1853 and remains one of Australia’s most prestigious universities. Its blend of Victorian Gothic stone buildings, mid-century international-style towers and postmodern showpieces provides a snapshot of changing architectural aspirations. The campus sprawls from Carlton through to the neighbouring suburb of Parkville, and its extensive grounds house the university colleges.

Most notable is the Walter Burley Griffin–designed Newman College. Pick up a Sculpture on Campus map from the Ian Potter Museum of Art.

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Nearby Melbourne attractions

1. Grainger Museum

0.16 MILES

A tribute to one of Australia's great musical exports, this museum housed in an art deco building lays bare the fascinating life of Percy Grainger…

2. Ian Potter Museum of Art

0.19 MILES

This museum manages Melbourne University’s extensive art collection – the largest university collection in the country – over three levels. The collection…

3. Museo Italiano

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Telling the story of Melbourne's Italian community, this small but information-packed museum puts an important part of Australia's history, and the…

4. Melbourne General Cemetery

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Melbourne has been burying its dead here since 1852. It's worth a stroll to see the final resting place of three Australian prime ministers, the memorial…

5. Royal Park

0.65 MILES

Royal Park's vast open spaces are perfect for a run or power walk, and there are sports fields, netball and hockey stadiums, a golf course and tennis…

6. Queen Victoria Market

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With more than 600 traders, 'Vic Market' is a large open-air market brimming with food, shopping and cultural experiences. Early mornings are best for…

7. Melbourne Museum

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This museum provides a grand sweep of Victoria’s natural and cultural histories, incorporating dinosaur skeletons, a 600-species-strong taxidermy hall, a…

8. Blender Lane

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This unsigned laneway off Franklin St features some of Melbourne's best street art, showcasing the work of underground artists. It's named after the…