Cape du Couedic Lighthouse

Kangaroo Island

From Rocky River, a road runs south to a remote 1906 lighthouse atop wild Cape du Couedic (pronounced 'coo-dick'). You can't access the lighthouse – but it's nice to look at.

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1. Admirals Arch

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At the far end of the road within Flinders Chase NP, a boardwalk weaves down to Admirals Arch, a huge archway ground out by heavy seas, and passes a…

2. Remarkable Rocks

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At Kirkpatrick Point, a few kilometres east of Cape du Couedic, the much-photographed, rather Dalí-esque Remarkable Rocks are a cluster of hefty, weather…

3. Rocky River

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Once a farm, Rocky River, the area around the park visitors centre, is now a rampant hotbed of wildlife, with kangaroos, wallabies and Cape Barren geese…

4. Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

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5. Flinders Chase National Park

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8. Cape Borda Lightstation

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On the northwestern corner of the island, the square 1858 Cape Borda Lightstation stands tall above the rippling iron surface of the Southern Ocean. There…