Maheno Wreck

Fraser Island

The Maheno was a passenger liner that was blown ashore by a cyclone in 1935, while being towed to a Japanese scrap yard. Its photogenic, oxidised bones, rising from the sand, are now a major tourist attraction.

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1. Maheno Beach


Named for the Maheno shipwreck, this 9km stretch of beach runs from the Pinnacles to Eli Creek.

2. Pinnacles

1.88 MILES

Make sure you break your 4WD safari at these multicoloured sand cliffs – they're a photographer's delight.

3. Yidney Rocks

5.46 MILES

This lovely stretch of Fraser Island's east coast can pose complications for 4WDers trying to pass at high tide.

6. Indian Head

19.98 MILES

Named by Captain Cook for the 'Indians' he saw assembled there, this headland offers fantastic sea views, and occasional sightings of whales, dolphins and…

7. Reefworld

20.47 MILES

In operation since 1979, this small family-run aquarium is popular for its interactive fish-feeding sessions at 11am and 2.30pm. You can also take a 30…

8. Urangan Pier

20.75 MILES

This historic pier (c 1913–17), jutting nearly 1km into the Great Sandy Strait, makes for a fine stroll where you may spot a pod of dolphins or snap a…