Top choice in Kakadu National Park

Though it's unlikely you'll have dreamy Maguk to yourself, you might time it right to have the glorious natural pool and falls between just a few of you. The 2km-return walk in from the car park passes through monsoon forest rich in endemic anbinik trees and then opens out into a nicely bouldered river section. Count on about an hour's walking, plus swimming time. The track in here is a rough, 10km corrugated track lined with termite mounds.

Where the trail emerges from the forest into a broader valley and where the marked trail crosses the river to the right, stay on the left bank (or return here later) to climb up high above the falls for great views and a series of small rock pools to plunge into.

Wildlife here includes occasional freshwater crocs (swimming is generally safe but check the signs) as well as birds such as rainbow pittas and emerald doves.

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